Thank you to everyone who came and checked us out at the Tommy Rotter Distillery and Public Espresso, Peace Love & Grant Street pop up shops. We’re almost entirely out of our shirts (When you mark them all down to $10 and give $8 to Teach For America, they fly off the shelves!) so we’re done vending ourselves, but we’ll see you at the many remaining pop ups through the season as you continue to shop local.

It’s December. It’s not snowing. Is this the new normal? Is the fall season actually supposed to last from September to December before winter? Are you still wearing your good shoes out? Keeping those big black clunkers you super glued together last winter buried in your closet as long as possible? It’s global warming! It’s El Nino. It’s abnormal. Your whole life may seem just a little out of control this time of year, BUT there’s one thing you can count on, and that’s Rise Collaborative’s Feature Friday.

We know you. We know your soul needs new music and new art to be inspired by on a weekly basis. That’s why we’re introducing you to local artist Alix Martin of redFISH Art Gallery in East Aurora and letting you review some of the top instagrams from around WNY. Relax and sway to sounds and visuals that Alix has in store…


Painting and creating full time as a locally grown artist, I’ve been working out of the redFISH Art Gallery for sometime. What an amazing art scene to be a part of, so many incredibly talented people here. Not from here but have found home here. From a small house gallery and studios, to rehabbing and dwelling in the industrial big old building live/work space, and soon the NEW STREET LEVEL GALLERY coming in early 2016.


Early morning studio hours or late night painting sessions each have their own soundtrack to keep the paint flowing.
Rarely do I paint in silence….



If you are interested in purchasing or renting art
or would like a price on a selected piece feel free to contact:
1.716.601.5973 or
See more at


Are you looking for a creative way to get more eyes on your art? More feet in your store? Or more butts in your restaurant’s seats? Hit us up. Now, on to this week’s BOSS instagrams. Keep tagging #RiseBFLO to get yours discovered, and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming December hashtag project you’re going to love.

Back in Fridays. #alwaysbackin

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We picked up a balsam, and lit all the candles

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Art installation in progress! #verycool #buffalony #art #lunchtimefun #explorebuffalo

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Making dreams into a reality this morning at @publicespresso #coffee #coffeetime #coffeelovers #thirdwave

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Seen on Fougeron Street. #buffalony

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Queen City decorating for the holidays

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So sick .

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