Modern Nostalgia is back on the blog!

Let’s give it to you straight. There’s plenty offered at Target. If you need a mini travel sized version of your fav shampoo along with a new bath mat, sure. Go.


When you shop local, you’re left with that good feeling that the money you just spent is staying in the local economy, that you directly supported the owner and their family, and you bought something that won’t fall apart in a month.

That’s not all the good feels you get when going to Modern Nostalgia on Hertel – you’ll be greeted by Sadie the happy little corgi as soon as you walk in, and then you’ll be immersed in a store with real, actual culture – From the ceilings, to the floors and walls, tables and the clothing and homewares themselves, it’s fresh and fun. And the farthest thing from a sterile big box store that sends your money out of town the second you swipe your card.

Bri, owner of Mod Nos, as its affectionately known, has made a greater effort than most to support the community with her store. The back room has acted as an incubator for other small businesses like Peg’s Hardware and Makers workshops in the past, and soon to super healthy, live and raw food restaurant, Nature’s Apothecary.

Mod Nos has also been a consistent sponsor of the social justice storytelling efforts of our organization, No Boundaries, by sponsoring our second print issue and being the sole sponsor of our third podcast that dealt with people finding an escape from prescription pain killers by practicing yoga. .

Get yourself up to Hertel for new fall fashions and hang out with Sadie and Bri this weekend!



Time for some amazing Instagrams

Every week, we like to highlight the top shots coming through Instagram that used the tag #RiseBFLO. Some weeks, there’s even stuff to win! Keep exploring the city, meeting new people, tagging your photos and check out the photographers within this community of 40,000 photos.

While on a quest for gold, I ended up finding something much more valuable.

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Stripes & shadow.

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Gradient sunset

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