Yassss Qween (City)

Buffalo has some serious female movers and shakers that are promoting other women throughout WNY. Because why not build everyone up?

Qween City is lifestyle and culture webzine, focusing on everything from food, comedy and sex to community profiles. Contributors highlight amazing achievements, jobs and efforts of women around the area. As No Boundaries Media nears the release of Issue 3, we’re thrilled to have Qween City contributing fresh content to the paper. Their strong voices are taking this issue to new heights and we can’t wait to share it with you this October.

So, what’s in NB3

We’ll give you one sneak peek…. Lucille Ball. Queen of comedy from Jamestown, NY. Qween City explores her haters, her lovers, what she accomplished and why she received so much damn backlash. Coming from the source of a fellow Jamestown-ian, this piece meshes feminism and comedy.

Until you can read the full article, check out the amazing content Qween City is pumping out and don’t forget to follow them on social!


We see you Fall.

The weather and IGs this week scream fall….and we don’t hate it. Every week, we like to highlight the top shots coming through Instagram that used the tag #RiseBFLO. Keep exploring, posting and tagging – we’ll keep on posting your pics. Here are this week’s top photos:


Welcome to the family, Marnie ❤

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St Joseph

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Warped Moka (Menu Spelling) at Sweetness 7

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