A Vision for the Niagara Street Corridor

While we’re keen to highlight great local businesses that are opening up all across the city, we’re also thrilled to talk about excellent non-profits and community organization that are doing great grassroots work for their respective neighborhoods.

Today, we’re heading to the historic Niagara Street Corridor – an area of the city that is steeped in rich cultural and industrial history that today, if you’ve been paying attention, is undergoing a surge of new development, small business entrepreneurship and growth… without giving up its identity. Vision Niagara, a group of community-driven business owners, investors, human services organizations, and residents have teamed up to spread the word and promote further prosperity along “Buffalo’s front door”.

If you’ve walked, biked or driven down Niagara Street lately, you’ll have noticed a decent amount of infrastructure improvements, including freshly paved roads and *gasp* bike lanes, a makeover to one of Buffalo’s most important Underground Railroad sites, Broderick Park, a new waterfront trail that connects Niagara Street to Lasalle Park, and tons of beautification efforts.

Vision Niagara’s focus is to participate in these efforts wherever possible – by organizing a neighborhood cleanup, hosting a community bike ride, conducting tours of the Corridor’s important architecture, or simply highlighting new local businesses like Bootleg Bucha, Community Beer Works, and our good friends at Love in Motion Yoga, along with longtime favorite places like Santasiero’s and Sun Restaurant.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a resident of the West Side or not, you can get involved in helping continue the revitalization that the Niagara Street Corridor is experiencing. Vision Niagara regularly schedules events where you can volunteer your time picking up trash, planting new flowers at streetside and park gardens, or getting involved in community celebrations. It can even be as simple as planning your next night out at on Niagara Street at places like Sugar City, Resurgence Brewing Co. or Sports City Pizza Pub.

Keep an eye on Vision Niagara’s events calendar on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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