Take off your shoes. Relax

It would be easy to write about The Parlour using words like “blown away” and “surprised” but it requires more than that. When you enter, you just stop. You forget what you came in for and are taken aback by what’s on the floor, the wall, the ceiling! That tattoo, your piercing, or the jewelry you wanted to buy? You really just wanna explore the space from front to back. James Wisniewski, Parlour’s founder, has thought of every detail including how to turn a drop ceiling into something beautiful using pressed black vinyl, gold trim, and sort of a stained glass frame over the lights.

There’s massive pieces of art lining the walls of hallways and lobbies from local artists like Devil Chicken Design. Every tattoo and piercing artist has their own custom space, none like the other. The classic movie set lights from film’s golden age, a nod to Wisniewski’s years spent out west in Los Angeles, make you feel like you’re in another era. So as you explore, your expectations build about the work you actually did arrive for. You won’t be let down. A team has been collected with experience gained across the country. As you walk the hallway, every one of them looks up from their work with a welcoming smile. Whether you’re running out of space on your body for more ink or you’re looking for your first tattoo or piercing, or a jewelry gift for someone, this is the spot. Take a look at projects coming out of 437 Franklin St:

When getting pierced or tattoo’d, the establishment housing the work is important. From the moment you step in and remove your shoes, you can have that comfort and confidence in the team at The Parlour.

The Parlour
437 Franklin Street
Buffalo, NY

Anyone want to hunt secret gardens in the city with me?

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