A Buffalo native has spent countless hours tearing apart NES Classic, Chronslevania and Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001. It’s not just about remixing the music, it’s about recoding the entire game to allow you to play to the music, as Dre and Snoop, with altered heroes, villains, perks, and intros. Going under the project name of Mind_Romes, the creator really just wanted to show what he was capable of, but not make money off the project. That’s why you’re invited to a free event at Big Orbit Saturday night to check it all out and to download the game for free shortly after the release party.

This project has picked up national attention with interview requests from leading hip hop and gaming magazines. We should be proud that it was a Buffalonian who conceived the idea and made it happen. We’ve been promoting for the past few weeks, so we know you’re already familiar in a way, so we want to continue to include clips from gameplay so that you can see how sick this shit really is.

Get over to Big Orbit on Essex Street at 8P on Saturday. Multiple screens will be set up to play on, food and drinks for sale too. Be a part of a Buffalo release before this game sweeps the country. You’ll be able to play levels 1-5, revealing more perks along the way and hidden easter eggs Mind Romes snuck in there too.

See you Saturday night! More details on the event on Facebook.

Every Instagrammer is a winner this week because the party is free and so is the subsequent download to play on your computer!


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