COME FLY WITH US! Push Play, limber up, and check out your DJ, Buffalo Aerial Dance!

“We like upbeat songs for warm-ups and dynamic moves, and some slower more ambient songs to work on expression and moving through poses. We also love our 90s jams!”

We first took notice of Erica Cope’s unique operation via their Instagram. Always beautiful pictures of all different people spinning, flipping, and having a blast. We wanted to check it out for ourselves. So we donned some tights (and shorts), grabbed the camera and the GoPro, and headed over to the Pierce Arrow Complex. Before we knew it we were hanging upside down on the trapeze feeling like kids again. This was a really fun Feature Friday to put together and we hope you have just as much fun when you try them out yourself! Hear all about it below, and then check out the dopest shots on IG around the region this week!


From Erica:

I started practicing aerial arts in 2008 while I was living in Seattle. I’m a native of WNY and came back here in 2011 to go to grad school. Searching for a place to continue practicing locally led me to Amy at The Alt Theatre, and soon thereafter, friends and then the local community started asking how they could learn aerial. At the time, I wasn’t yet prepared to teach, and was reluctant to leave my day job, but the message seemed to be that Buffalo wanted this.

The possibility of giving this town an aerial studio was exciting – but it really did take a village, or a couple villages. I’ve felt a lot of support from my aerial community in Seattle, as well as from aerialists around the country who we’ve connected with in various trainings and workshops. It feels really good to be able to add Buffalo to that network. And we’ve been lucky at Buffalo Aerial Dance to have students who’ve risen to take on responsibility at the studio, and skilled aerialists who have moved here from elsewhere.



When we’re all at the studio, it feels like a team, or a big family. Right now, we’re super excited about the new show we’ve got coming up April 1 & 2 called Silk, Silver and Steel. It’s definitely the most cohesive show we’ve put together; everyone has been working together for long enough now that we were able to find a sense of synergy and build the pieces out of that.

We can’t express enough how awesome it was to join in on a crash course with Erica and Nina. Big, huge thanks to both of them for hosting and taking it (mostly) easy on us! If you’re looking for a refreshing exercise experience or maybe, looking to take things to a performance level?? Buffalo Aerial Dance is where you should be. We’ll see you at Silk, Silver, and Steel!


Speaking of shows, on with it! Follow new accounts, take killer photos, tag #RiseBFLO. Happy Friday!

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