It’s time to earn your drinks by riding your bike downtown to Handlebar!

You’ve been looking for a bar that is absolutely different. Handlebar IS. We’ll kick it off with their playlist and commentary to set the tone:

Bicycle Race: I think that one is pretty self-explanatory, but I adore Freddy Mercury.
Don’t Stop Me Now: Adam Rath, who brings the real punk rock vibe (and the amazing cocktails) to the bar, chose this one (he’s our bar manager), and I think the record is in our house collection.
Neighborhood: I just love this musical depiction of the communal interactions in this song… it’s so Buffalo to me.
Hang Loose: The instrumentation in this song just feels like the gears are moving and I’m out there cruising, and then Brittany Howard’s voice picks it up into a full on good mood jam.
C.R.E.A.M.: Another pick from Adam Rath, but this song’s got great groove.
Electric Relaxation: Anthony DiGesare chose this song.  He spins music with Shane Fry (of Verve dance studio) to set the mood on Friday nights.  He says, “We play a lot of Tribe and De La, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t give the Native Tongues some love. Perhaps the finest hip hop beat ever made.  Tribe was instrumental in my refining as not only a music aficionado, but also as a human being. And this instrumental… still kills me.”
Everybody Loves the Sunshine: This one is from Shane Fry, who choose the songs because they reflect the Friday night vibe of the space.
Runaway People: DJ Reazon, who spins our Saturday Soul nights, choose this song, and it’s just fun.”
Pass the Dutchie: Great beat, and it, like ” Oh My”, expresses the city dynamic going on just east of us, and I think it’s important to remember that the city has not completely solved our problems.

– –

There’s so much to talk to you about. The weather has broken. You’re itching to get on that bike or you never got off. Why don’t you grab your pals and ride downtown to Handlebar? Well we’ve got a perfect night for your introduction: Wednesday March 16 will be the first in a series of embarrassing open mic’s called Dear Diary. That’s right, dig under your bed or head back to Mom and Dad’s and find that diary or journal. All are welcome to come up in front of the crowd and read an entry and reflect on how foolish (or wise beyond your years) your hormonal pre-teen self really was. It’s going to be a blast full of laughter, cringing, and all your favorite old memories. Now, let’s let Sarah Schneider, owner of Handlebar, take it away.



Handlebar is part of a downtown bicycle network, in the building aptly called The Hub.  You can drop by after your winter workout on your bike at Hub Fit Studios or stop in while getting your bike tuned up at The Bike Shop next door.  Handlebar’s chill atmosphere, friendly and knowledgable staff, and downtown location make it a great place to stop in after work, before a hockey or baseball game, or any time your thirst is peaked.

There are fun crafts or board games to play on a chill Tuesday or Wednesday.  Thursday nights we feature a rotating cast of live musicians.  Fridays Shane and Tone (Shane Fry and Anthony DiGesare) spin chill hip hop albums at 9. And Saturday’s are always Soul and PBnJ Night with DJ Reazon spinning at 9pm, free PBJ and great soul!



My favorite dish is the Portabella Pizza.  It’s made with parsnips and smoked gouda cheese. It’s rustic, but the flavors are fresh.

We have a fabulous patio, when the weather warms up, and we’ll be hosting some parties on the rooftop this summer as well.


Did they say ROOFTOP PARTIES? Holy shit we cannot wait to get back on some roofs! You can bet shots taken from that roof will make it on to this top ‘grams list:

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