Photos courtesy Burchfield Penney Art Center


Remember that most amazing feeling when you were in art class as a kid, or even in high school or college, where you were fully into your work, but also deep in conversation with your friends around you? I’ve been chasing that feeling my entire professional life and still have yet to find it. If you’re in the same boat, Burchfield Penney has your mental health, and your child’s creativity covered. This Saturday from 11A – 4P, get your hands dirty and make some art again, man!

No one ever regretted introducing their kids to art and art galleries early.

$5 Family Day is in partnership with Hyatt’s All Things Creative.

Throughout the day:
– Hands-on art-making workshops
– Movies
– Meet-the-author
– Meet-the-artist
– Gallery scavenger hunts

You’re gonna want more.

Careful, you might find yourself having a lot of fun and wanting to do this more often with your family. Hyatt’s has made it possible for the Burchfield Penney to offer $50 Family Memberships to all new members who sign up at Family Day. That’s a $25 savings. And as if that weren’t enough, each new member will also receive a $25 gift card for any purchase at Hyatt’s All Things Creative (now located on Elmwood Ave).

The cost is $5 per family and free for Burchfield Penney members.

Kid friendly specials in Burchfield’s Cafe

DEETS: 716-878-6011 or visit