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Ben Lieber was, for many weeks, the nice guy making our coffee over at Tipico. Until a battle broke out between him and the internet on whether the Foo Fighters were lame or not. That debate is for another time and place, but Ben suddenly said “Hey – I’ve gotta talk to you about our music!”

Within a few days, we downloaded everything from his new personal project, Marigold  (Spotify), and used it to perfectly accompany the subject matter in teaser videos we put together for No Boundaries 2.

We wanted to take a deeper look at Ben’s more established band, Head North (Spotify). Ben (drums) joins Buffalonians Brent Martone (vocals), and Alex Matos (bass) and a downstate NY native, Eli Ritter (guitar).The band is closing in on 1,000,000 listens on Spotify and has already done four US tours.


The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World

Check out the first new track since 2015 here:

“2016 was a very slow year for us, things basically came to a halt, for many reasons and this year is our come back with this record and we are doing it ourselves not through any label or anything because fuck the man,” says Lieber. “Bullshit with industry peeps is what killed our momentum. So we’re doing this ourselves from now on.”

Personally, this band stokes some nostalgic feels inside. They remind me of when some of my favorite pop-punk bands of the early and mid 2000’s graduated out of what was catchy and into rock that was more thoughtful, talented, and complex. That rings most clearly to me in “Jake’s Apartment”:

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Northeast Tour going in this June.

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Grand Budapest Hotel Island bridges #risebflo #travelbuf #igersbuffalo

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Kinda neat knowing my grandfather planted these #lilacs so many years ago and they bloom every year here in my yard????????

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Garbage Monster near Allen. ????

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When you have dead things in you’re backyard these guy’s always show up.

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