Get ready to rock

Last May, we wrote about Head North and we’ve continued to listen through the summer and fall.

Turn up your volume:

You get through to that crashing chorus? When you consider rock bands born in Buffalo, you may envision groups trying out a few chords and a couple witty lines and patching together a song around them, playing it safe, hoping some people like it.

Then there’s Head North. Writing songs that they want to write, perform, listen to. If other people don’t like it right off the bat – fuck them. It’s the confidence in these tracks that wins us over. They made an attempt to work with a label and after realizing all the negatives that came with commercial production, decided they were better off calling their own shots and punk rocking the shit out of their development and growth.

Dive into their latest album released earlier this year:

Head North is serious

Not content to sell some t shirts and move on in a couple of years, they’ve hit the road on a legit tour in an effort to get the whole country behind them. Starting last month in Indianna and then Chicago, they played shows throughout the pacific northwest, down the west coast and through the southwest before cutting it back up north straight to Toronto, and then heading east.

But – – this week is your chance to find them here in Buffalo for a stop at Mohawk Place Tuesday night at 6PM. To contribute to the hype, they’ll be taking over our Instagram account (@risecollaborative) all day long on Tuesday. So check out our photos and stories that day to get a better look at the band.

In the meantime, they’re always on:

We’ll leave you with what prevails as my favorite, especially because of the time warp to 2003 it takes me immediately back to. See you on Tuesday night at Mohawk Place!!