“Never Again” is right now. The time for action is right now. From us and from our elected officials.

Tuesday night, under the leadership of the Close the Camps Coalition which includes members of Justice for Migrant Families and Jewish Voice for Peace, a few dozen concerned citizens gathered at PS 77 to lay out the groundwork for Thursday 7/11/19’s planned protest on Delaware and Chippewa.

Those who correctly draw parallels between the overcrowded, disease-riddled camps on our southern border where asylum seeking adults and children are dying each week and those of 1930s and 1940s Germany are asked to show up and speak out.

From the event organizers:

“Our message is simple: close the detention camps on the southern border NOW. We are calling on DHS and congressional leaders to take action. We encourage everyone who wants to see the camps closed to come. Wear black, bring signs, and be ready to make some noise.”

Earth to Brian Higgins, Chris Collins, Tom Reed, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. It’s time for them to do more than just ignore these atrocities.

Do not waste your time with those who would think the corporations receiving $750 per day per child to leave them in squalor is OK. Nor with those who would debate what constitutes a concentration camp. Nor with those who know nothing, and wish to know nothing, about the dire situations these men, women and children have escaped to come here.

Spend your time more valuably, by seeking solutions and putting pressure on our elected officials.

12PM Thursday. Delaware and Chippewa. Wear black. Be loud.