Trap Game!

It would just like the Bills of old to put on an incredible performance and take down two strong teams in Denver and Atlanta, and then fall apart against what, on paper, would appear to be a lesser team like the Bengals.

However, the Bengals have made changes after Week 2. They were only 3 pts away from beating the Packers and slaughtered the Browns last week. Are these the same old Bills who would fall for such a trap? The same Bills who blew and easy win to Jacksonville when the whole world was watching in London? Or are they different under a new coach and system they all seem to believe in?

Your host, Matt Pitarresi, says Zay Jones has got to stop overthinking and catch the ball with Jordan Matthews out. Matt Milano, McDermott’s hand-picked linebacker, also has something to prove this week. Check out The Hurry Up – Week 5 below, or on iTunes and Stitcher.

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