The Bills are 4-2 and hosting the Raiders in an old-school AFC/AFL throwback. Get your head in the game for Week 8 with The Hurry Up.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: in a season where expectations are modest at best, the Bills have come out hot(ish) and significantly raised both expectations and heart rates all across WNY. Can they stretch their record to 5-2 against a suddenly rejuvenated Raiders offense? It’ll take another strong rushing effort, and a “total team effort” to overcome injuries in the secondary.  Come for the Bills analysis.  The 90s references are a bonus.

The Hurry Up has you covered from all angles for Sunday. Featuring small improvements each week, because The Process applies to all of us. Listen using the link below, in Apple Podcasts, or on Stitcher.

Go Bills!