Welcome to July, Baseball Fans!

We’re all full of hot dogs, beer and ice cream excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the Buffalo Bisons for a few weeks this summer! Now, #RiseBFLO users are entered to win 4 tickets for Friday Night Bashes throughout the summer!


Not only are the Bisons really good this year, but there’s always a chance that you’ll be there to witness history for Celery’s first ever win against that damn gang of hooligans she has to race every night. Poor old Celery.

This weekend, it’s bbq, fireworks, rooftops, friends, family, and #RiseBFLO. Keep on crushing summer in this city and getting just the right angle and filter while you do. Stay safe. We’ll see you at the beach on Monday!

“Winner! Winner! Dollar Ice Cream Night Dinner!”

In an effort to give some advance warning, we’ll be giving away Friday Night Bash tickets one week in advance. Congratulations to this week’s winner of Friday July 8 tickets, @buffalogrl716. Holler at hey@risecollaborative.com for details on how to pick them up. Cheers!

These other ‘grammers are hot hot hot!”

Good morning Allentown

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2nd most pillars in the States right behind the U.S. Capitol Building. Albright-Knox Art Gallery – Buffalo, NY

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Sunny rooftops of Allentown

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Jalen Rose.

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Thanks again, Bisons!