Welcome to the weekend

Rec league kickball and softball, weddings, beaches, porches, garden walks, patio beers, kayaking, camping, swimming, moving and more. Buffalo. Capture it all with #RiseBFLO as your tag and you’re entered to win a prize from a local business every week.

This is the final week of our partnership with The Buffalo Bisons. It sure has been awesome to choose from all the #RiseBFLO submissions and give away four tickets each week to Friday Night Bash’s.

This is our last opportunity, for this year at least, to tell Celery it’s time she stuck up for herself. This isn’t the 1960’s. As the only female out there, it’s time you dominated. No getting distracted, no getting shoved. Leave those thugs in your dust and win. We’re talking to you, guy or girl who dresses as Celery – You’ve completed the summer internship, make your last day the one where you stand for your principles and win that damn race! Can you imagine how worthwhile it would be to hear that crowd go insane over your win? COME ON!!

Additionally, Jose Bautista is playing for The Bisons this weekend? Legend! Get out there for a beer.

This week’s winner:

Congratulations @pdchamp! You and three good pals are going to the Bisons! Thanks for heading out into the water with your camera. Loved the feels from the water and the sky. Hit us up at hey@risecollaborative.com for details on how to pick up your tickets for the game on July 29. Cheers!


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And now the rest of the best!

After work water hose session!

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Porch beers?

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#monarch #caterpillar #buffalo

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Pt. 2

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Looking out on history in #buffalony!

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Gorgeous art at Sweet Chalk Festival today

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Sunset Silhouette . . . #buffalony #risebflo

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Richardson #rustbelttakeover #buffalo #HRR #richardsoncomplex #asylumfortheinsane #risebflo

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DARRYL STRAWBERRY. #viewbuffalo #capturebuffalo #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #yeahbuffalo #risebflo #placesbuf

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Eskimo kisses ❄️ #winesinthewild #buffalozoo #polarbear #kisses #animalobsessed #buffalove #soulmates?

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#buffalo #metro

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#sunset #skyporn #wilkesonpointe #buffalony #BUFFALOVE #enjoylife #bestsummerever

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Thanks for three weeks of great giveaways, Buffalo Bisons!