Welcome to the weekend!

It’s HOT. Oh man. But, with the lack of rain, you can actually swim in our beautiful beaches’ waters this summer! #NorthCoast! That’s right! No random rain storm means no overflowing sewage spewing into the creeks, rivers, and lakes around the city in a fashion that rivals only Rio! (Seriously, do your part and get a rain barrel installed).

This week, we want to warn you about our sponsor:


dig at the Innovation Center has a power about it – once you go, you’ll want to quit your office job, grab your savviest friends, and start up your own business just so you can work out of that space each day. Situated right next to the teams at 43North and Z80 labs, and near all the other energy flowing through the various incubators on all floors of the Innovation Center on Ellicott Street, you can’t help but think that your wildest business idea can become a reality when you open up your laptop there. So you’ve been warned, now get down there for one of their multiple networking, educational, or just for fun events. Just this past Wednesday, we cracked open free beers, ate ice cream, and listened to a quick 60 second pitch contest while exchanging business cards with everyone there. This week’s lucky winner will receive 5 day passes to work out of the space. Make it a straight week, or spread them out for the days you need to break free from your usual workspace. Tell your boss you’re networking (playing ping pong).

This week’s winner:

Check out @swiftyny with the pastels in the sky and on the buildings. He entered the contest by using #RiseBFLO on his tags, do the same this week and you’ll be entered for next Friday’s prize. Congrats Swifty! Holler at hey@risecollaborative.com for details on how to get your free 5 days started at dig!

Skyway views never get old #riseBFLO #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #capturebuffalo #TravelBUF #iPhone6s

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as for the rest of you

Holy moly with the amazing shots of fireworks. And people were doing long exposure, and light play underneath the explosions! Man o man. Lotta fun was had behind and in front of the lens this past week. Check them all out, follow the folks you don’t yet know, and keep on tagging #RiseBFLO:

Mom Rybz celebrating the 4th………… Buffalo NY………….

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All the pretties

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Beautiful night for music & watching fireworks!

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Midnight ride Independence Day edition. #midnightride #buffalomidnightride #midnightridebuffalo

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Skyway views never get old #riseBFLO #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #capturebuffalo #TravelBUF #iPhone6s

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