Your summer photos are ON FIRE. Prepping for a hot ass weekend? Yeah, us too. It’s times like these when we appreciate living on the North Coast with hundreds of miles of beaches, boats, and barbecues. So grab that camera and that deodorant, we’ve waited all year for weather and fun like this. Cheers to the weekend!

This is the third and final week for Modern Nostalgia to be your host for this roundup. They’ve chosen some of their favorite items around the store to give away to #RiseBFLO users. Stay tuned next week for new giveaways from new small businesses!


This week’s winner

Congrats to @sj_gill! Samantha!!! Sometimes that sky is just too beautiful not to share, especially in contrast to the architecture. Hit us up via to find out how to pick up your prize from MOD NOS!

#buffalove #risebflo

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THis is the roundup

Ooops, I broke the bar…@thinmanbrewery

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I don't think I parked here

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Father's Day breakfast. #risebflo #eggs #fromthefarm #tmeadows

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That time we had a live show. @thetinsmusic . by @rohlphotography

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Some bikers rolling through downtown Buffalo a couple weeks ago #Buffalo #buffalove #capturebuffalo #nikon

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#buffalove #risebflo

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Delaware Park – Buffalo, NY

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#lightpaintingphotography #riseBFLO #urbandecay #urbex #nikon #NIGHTSHOOTERS

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#PLACESBUF image brought to you by the tallest. #yeahbuffalo

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Thanks again MOD NOS!

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