Written Abby Wojcik

“Oh, so you’re a rocket scientist,” and “Oh so you built a TV with twine and starburst?”


Chris D’Elia is a stand-up comedian with three Netflix specials, the most recent being Man on Fire. He is currently on his “Follow the Leader” tour with consistent city updates that will probably put him near your hometown soon. He has established a strong cult of fans who he refers to as “babies” and openly admits that they’re a cult. He jokes about leaving society and living in a log cabin with all the “real babies” who watch his specials, listen to his podcast and support him in other creative ways.

Congratulations is D’Elia’s unapologetically humorous podcast where he speaks candidly about his life and what he observes from friends, fans, and touring the country. The episodes come out weekly and are about an hour long. He proudly never brings a guest on the show to maintain the illusion that it’s just you and him chillin’ and making each other laugh.

Each episode is completely different from the last. In the most recent one, “The White Aladdin,” he discusses why casinos are always in the middle of nowhere, the inefficiency of DMVs, the overabundance of Starbucks and much more. It’s unscripted, hilarious and addicting.

My personal favorite episode is “The Goat Spider Violin” where he talks about the ridiculousness of country music. He makes fun of “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain and laughs at each example of things that apparently don’t impress her, even though they are actually quite impressive.

He exaggerates some of the examples saying, “Oh, so you’re a rocket scientist,” and “Oh so you built a TV with twine and starburst?” He even calls out Shania Twain for saying Brad Pitt doesn’t impress her, exclaiming “Dude, don’t be a dick about it!”

Overall, Chris D’Elia’s vulgar humor is genuine and relatable. For even more laughs, Congratulations is available in video form on YouTube where you can watch D’Elia record the podcast. It adds some graphics and enhances the idea that you’re actually in the room with him. It also invites you in to be a part of D’elia’s everyday life. He updates you each week on the ridiculous, annoying and random things that made him laugh, making the minute details of life the most memorable.