By LIFTED Podcast host and producer, Holly Kirkpatrick

Podcasts are free, and so are the audio adventures.

Ever had the ‘car on the driveway’ moment? The moment when what you’re listening to on the radio when driving is just so damn compelling that you find yourself home, parked on the driveway, but unable to get out of the car for fear of missing a second of what you’re hearing? Every episode of Short Cuts has at least one of these moments. In fact I would even go as far to say that most episodes are one big, 30 minute ‘car on the driveway’ moment.

Each episode features 3 short audio pieces that are an interpretation of a central theme or idea. And these aren’t your average documentaries or studio interviews. These are little pieces of audio treasure, or ‘audio adventures’ if you go with the podcast’s tagline. And it’s a pleasure to experience some of these adventures, especially when they push the boundaries of audio storytelling, as they often do. Host Josie Long joyfully contextualizes each episode with an introduction, and after listening to a few eps, her voice becomes a welcome, upbeat guide for the audio journeys the listeners experience. 

I highly recommend listening on headphones, somewhere you can watch the world go by. 

Short Cuts is by BBC Radio 4 and is produced by Falling Tree Productions.

Check it out directly here, or on Spotify below: