By LIFTED Podcast host and producer, Holly Kirkpatrick

Podcasts are free, and so is the intrigue.

The Teacher’s Pet investigates the unsolved disappearance, and suspected murder, of Lynette Dawson, who vanished from her family home in 1982 leaving behind two young daughters. The journalist Hedley Thomas explores the case that went cold, and hell, does he light a fire under its ass. 

Lyn went missing in the Bayview Area of Sydney, Australia, and a body has never been found. This trailer for the show does a good job of outlining the eye-opening circumstances of the case.

The Teacher’s Pet is by the newspaper The Australian, and the expert journalism is at the core of the podcast’s appeal and success – as of December 2018 it reportedly had over 28 million downloads. It makes for compelling listening that as the series goes on and the podcast takes off, the case begins to get more and more media attention. New witnesses hear about the podcast and come forward to speak to Hedley, and so the spotlight is firmly shone on the latest police investigation into Lyn’s disappearance.

It’s unlikely to be the last we hear of this now white-hot case.

Check it out directly here, or on Spotify below: