Images Courtesy Buffalo Arts Studio

Art Parties Are the New House Parties

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Art parties have all the same amenities as house parties, PLUS ART (and more bathrooms). So you can hang and mingle anywhere, meet people you’re connected to through a shared passion, and always have something fresh and interesting staring you in the face to talk about. Move aside, chicken wings, Art is Buffalo’s greatest asset.

Buffalo Arts Studio, which throws the epic Trimania party every three years inside the TriMain building, is miniaturizing on this off year to welcome you into their space and 40 artist studios. From 7P – 11P, move through *only* 100,000 square feet of live music, live mural painting, live art-making demos, and most importantly, have some drinks and buy one, or many, of the 600 original 5″ X 5″ artworks from 191 Western New York artists for only $25. Only $25! All going down in suite 500. Get it? Live on Five?

$20 tickets for Live on Five, that directly support Buffalo Arts Studio’s cultivation of the arts in our community, can be purchased for $20 prior to the event through Buffalo Arts Studio‚Äôs website. The artworks are sold for cash, credit, check – anything but “exposure…”

Check out all these cats who added their work to the sale:

Bruce Adams, Angella Aliaga, Evelyn Angier Allen, Amble Design (Tim Patch, Alexandra Sperrazza) Joanna Angie, Monica Angle, Morgan Arnett, Aspire iExpress, WNY, Colleen Ayson, Carolyn Baach, Jozef Bajus, Sheila Barcik, Mary Begley, Annie Beilski, Obsidian Bellis, Madeleine Bergman, Dennis Bertram, Amanda Besl, Andrew Biggie, Julia Bottoms, Karen Buchner, David Buck, Barbara Buckman, Tricia Butski, Colleen Buzzard, Amy Capalbo, Michelle Capizzi, Diane Cardarelli, Jay Carrier, Millie Chen, Linda Chodos, Tanya Chutko, Jean Clemens, Charles Clough, Don Clutterbuck, David Corbett, Pam Cox, Frannie Cratin, Robin Crawford, Devon Cudmore, Gus Dana, Janet Deese, Michael Degnan, Caitlin Deibel, Suzann Denny, Dianna Derhak, Matt Duquette, Kasey Edgerton, Jack Edson, Dylan England, Eric Evinczik, Robbi Fabretti, Sean Favata, Jill Favata, Corinne Favata, Emma Ferguson, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Robert Fleming, Josh Flores, Patrick Foran, Staff and Students of The Foundry, Fotini Galanes, Christopher Galley, Jo Galley, Sam Gartz, Sussan Giallombardo, Maggie Giamo, Brandon James Giessmann, Elise Girardi, Carly Glashauser, Pam Glick, John Hart, Barbara Hart, Fata Haskovic, Evan Hawkins, Brenton Heath, Sandra Heath, Allan Hebeler, Gina Herron, Cory Hill, Kathleen Howell, Jayne Hughes, Marie Tulett Hutton, Janet Ide, Janet Jackson, Cheryl Jackson, Kris Jones, Paul Kalinowski, Carol Kamph, Kyla Kegler, Travis Keller, Dot Keller, Becky Koenig, kc kratt, Maria Pabico LaRotonda, Mark Lavatelli, Allison Lawless, Elizabeth Leader, Grace Lewonka, Polly Little, Erin Long, Sandy Ludwig, Robert Lynch, William Maggio, Heather Maher, George Mai, Michael Mararian, Maureen Mary, Lisa McBride, Brenda McCabe, Ruth McCarthy, Andrew McGarva, Gerald Mead, Dominique Mediak-Pirigyi, Ruby Merritt, Cathy Shuman Miller, Ann Moody, Michael Morgulis, Bonnie Morrisey, MJ Myers, Aprille Nace, Cathy Nacov, Matthew Nagowski, Joshua Nickerson, Ginny O’Brien, Cindy O’Mara, Cassandra Ott, Roberto Pacheco, Andrea Pawarski, Emily Peca, Betty Pitts-Foster, Patrick Pritchard, Sean Henry Raess, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Elaina Pike Riccardi, Peg Riexinger, Martha Rogala, Mary Rouse, Audrey Ross Sanders, Barbara Rowe, Misha Russo, Jennifer Ryan, Carlye Sager, Matt Sagurney, Rob Sanders, Kath Schifano, Jeremiah Schmellino, Angela Scinta, Paula S?iuk, Katie Sehr, Jody Selin, Rachel Shelton, Kathleen Sherin, Mizin Shin, Carol Siracuse, Mark Snyder, Peter Sowiski, Nancy Spector, Catherine Linder Spencer, Nancy Stempien, Trudy Stern, Shakyna Stevenson, Deb Stewart, Delores (Ann) Stievater, Jump Start Students, Nancy Thayer, Phyllis Thompson, Catherine Tillou, Chuck Tingley, Nancy Tobin, Rich Tomasello, Linda Toomey, Kurt Treeby, Joan Turrell, Dana Tyrrell, Katie Virag, Edreys Wajed, Budnyah Williams, Rebecca Wing, Christine Wirth, Gary Wolfe, Claire Wrazin, Mary Wyrick, Sara Zak, Muhammad Z Zaman, Joe Ziolkowski

Live Painting by

Travis Keller
Edreys Wajed
Alexa Wajed
Sara Zak
Muhammad Zaman

Live Ceramics Demonstrations by

Andrea Pawarski
Nancy Thayer

Performances by

Americana Raga: Padmanabha/Strongmen Duo, Curtis Lovell, Pine Fever, and Jeremiah McClain will perform in the Joanna Angie Gallery inside Buffalo Arts Studio, Suite 500. Deadwolf, Baby Machines, and Lesionread and will take over a large, empty suite at the other end of the fifth floor of TriMain. Elena Erokhina, Nickel City String Band, Dennis Duling, and Andrew Biggie will perform inside artist studios, and Banjo Juice Jazz Band, Welks Mice, and Baby Machines will perform in interesting nooks throughout the evening.