lloyd Tacos shook up our city in 2010 by selling food from trucks that actually tasted good and was pretty healthy too. Then came another truck, and another, a catering service, and finally a brick and mortar. Refusing to stop there, lloyd opened up a Walter White style laboratory behind their Hertel Ave restaurant, secured a generations-old family stone from Mexican employees they recruited, and began an authentic nixtamilizing process that is now responsible for the delicious tortillas. Stop there? No. Seeing that ice cream offerings haven’t changed in the city in 50 years, save for Kim Pegula throwing pretzels into a One Buffalo blend, lloyd dreamt up CHURN – making soft serve from scratch and offering vegan soft-serve too.

Now, it’s time to return to their original mission – bringing food to people. At one time, it was via trucks, now, keeping up with the advancements in technology, order your burritos online and receive them via DRONES.

“It’s with great excitement and pleasure that we introduce to you the lloyd Burrito Drone! With the click of a button you will be connected to a lloyd employee who will take your order and create a burrito exactly how you want it. Once it’s rolled to perfection, the fun begins!

Your address is automatically registered once you submit your request. The address is stored in the drone’s computer, taken outside, synced up with GPS, and flies! The drone travels to your location at a speedy 60 MPH! But don’t worry, your burrito won’t get cold.

Each burrito is wrapped in mylar thermal foil, the same material used in Hospitals all over the world. Flying at a max altitude of 175 feet, the drones have been engineered to comply with FAA standards. When your drone arrives at your location, a lloyd employee verifies your ID thru an infrared camera and releases the burrito directly into your hands! The drone will then automatically return to our Taco Factory and saddle up for the next delivery.
The best part? You can track your delivery! Through the same infrared camera, you can tune in thru a link provided to you via email after your order is accepted. Watch as we take your burrito from our Taco Factory to hundreds of feet in the air and right to your doorstep. Sit back and enjoy the view!

Delivery is limited to within 3 miles of Hertel’s Taco Factory, but with Williamsville and other locations opening soon, more residents will fall within the delivery zone over time.

As of right now, we have 3 drones ready for use and will accept requests during the same business hours as our Taco Factory operates; Monday-Thursday 11a-11p, Friday & Saturday 11a-2a. Check out whereslloyd.com to make your order, starting at 12P, Saturday April 1. – That’s Saturday, April 1. at 12P.”

Thank you to lloyd and Churn for sponsoring our second newspaper, No Boundaries Issue 2, due out April 22, 2017

No Boundaries Issue 2