My how you’ve grown.

To this day, I remember sitting at a table with lloyd owner Pete Cimino when he said, “My buddy Chris is graduating from culinary school out in Hawaii. He’s talking about a food truck here and I think I’m gonna go all in with him on it.”

The truck, the next truck, two more trucks, catering vans, the restaurant, the next restaurant, the ice cream and coffee shop later, seems like Pete made the right decision.

But what became of Chris’s Pacific island culinary roots? On June 10, they make a return to center stage at Tiki & Tacos inside the Williamsville location on Main.

A ticket to the event means Buffalo’s favorite words: All You Can Eat.

Kalua Pig
Shredded pork shoulder, banana leaves, Hawaiian sea salt

Shoyu Chicken
Soy, ginger, and garlic roasted things

Fried Rice
Day old rice, soy, veg

Potato Mac Salad
Russets, elbow mac, mayo based dressing

Spam Musubi
Seared SPAM, sushi rice, nori, furikake, sriracha mayo

House chips
Nixtamalized Corn Chips

Lomi lomi (Hawaiian Pico)
Tomato, red onion, spring onion, smoked sea salt
Pineapple, mango, red onion, cilantro

How does one drink in Tiki style?

Regarding drinks, lloyd has been a pioneer across the region when it comes to mezcal (Have you tried the mezcal flight which also serves as a treasure map, with a guide book included? (The treasure is a delicious buzz)). So they’re challenging local bartender and showman (check the video below) Danny Dispo of The Veiled Pearl to incorporate mezcal into his tiki style cocktails that night.

Listen, this isn’t like any other night at the Taco Factory in Williamsville – it’s a ticketed event with tons of perks. For $45, it’s all you can eat AND three craft cocktails included on top of giveaways and door prizes all night (6P-10P).

Tickets are limited, get yours today.