Comedian Kristen Becker and Buffalo film producer Harry Lipsitz have joined together to create a feature length documentary of the fourth year of Kristen’s Loosen the Bible Belt comedy tour.

Becker partners with Evangelical preacher and LGBTQ ally Jay Baker, son of the infamous Jim and Tammy Fay Baker, to reach some of the most conservative areas in the southern “Bible Belt” with a message of tolerance and equal rights for all. Well known Buffalo stand-up comedian Meghan DePonceau, manages the tour, while also hopping on stage.

“This tour is now into there fourth year, they go down south and tour the bible belt for 10 days stopping at many venues putting on their show that preaches love, respect and will be sure to make you laugh while you take it all in. I’m in the midst of fundraising for this and were are seeking any support that we can get,” says Lipsitz.