From being the driving force in Buffalo’s industrial age to becoming a cultural centerpiece, it’s no secret that Silo City is a treasured landmark in Buffalo. Coming this summer, more art is in store for the grain elevators, with an installation coming to life directly inside the Marina A Grain Silo (which is only 120 feet tall, no big deal.) Local artist, Jamie Schmidt and Just Buffalo Literary Center are teaming up to produce the community funded art project, I love you Silo Project.


What is the project?

image2 (1)
drawing of I Love You Silo Project

Just Buffalo’s Silo City Reading Series asked Schmidt to build the installation this summer. While concepting the project, Schmidt chose to take a meditative approach, inspired by the passion and dedication people have for preserving and using the grain silos. The installation is meant to echo the feeling of love and community.

“I sincerely would like people to feel this energy that I have felt throughout this creative process, by providing them an interactive experience,” said Schmidt.

By utilizing light, sound and spandex material, Schmidt will create a mindful space, eliminating barriers between the audience and the work. Production on the installation is set to begin this month.


So, How can you help?

Like everything in life, this costs $$$$, and that’s exactly how you can help out – lend some cash and get this installation off the ground! Check out Schmidt’s Indiegogo campaign and pitch in to this community-minded project. Stay tuned for updates and future events surrounding the project!