Join us in supporting Teach for America Buffalo at their SNEAKER BALL on Saturday May 5, 8PM at St. Stan’s near the Central Terminal.

Teach for America Buffalo was one of Rise’s first partners way back in 2015. When we had a surplus amount of shirts moving slowly, we decided to clear the shelves by selling them for $10 and donating $8 from each directly to TFA.

We sold out in less than a week. That was a testament to how strongly people felt about TFA here in Buffalo, shortly after it had arrived.

Let’s be honest. Turning AM&A’s into luxury lofts isn’t going to be what saves our city. We are still the 4th poorest city in the country, no matter how many real estate development projects are in the works. The only sustainable solution for Buffalo, NY is to improve the performance of the Buffalo Public Schools.

There is a new wave of optimism and improvement spearheaded by three groups:
Say Yes To Education
The Kriner Cash Administration
Teach for America

Each of these groups brings the major players in town to the same table, and advocates for children, not politics. Teach for America Buffalo goes out of its way to inform its corps members (Who are from around the country, and Western New York, and who are staying on in growing numbers passed their two-year commitment) about the racial and economic inequality that plagues Buffalo, and pushes them to work for solutions on top of their teaching duties.

Their Ed Talks series has invited Sam Radford, President of the District Parent Coordinating Council and Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold, President of the Buffalo School Board, to speak to back-to-back packed rooms about the ongoing history of the school district and the work that has gone into improving it.

Their Career Exploration Night invited organizations like the Buffalo Urban League, WEDI, Jericho Road, the Education Trust, Matt Urban Center and more to inform their corps members of the work being done to improve the lives of Buffalonians every day.

This is an organization we’ll stand behind any day of the week. On Saturday May 5, we’ll dance with them, too. 

A $35 ticket to TFA Buffalo’s SNEAKER BALL not only includes food, alcohol, and performances, it also funds scholarships to make it easier to recruit incoming corps members in the future. 

Let’s make Buffalo stronger by supporting an organization working to solve its largest problems. See you on the dance floor!