More than just providing computers to Children

This week, Computers for Children, which has been working with schools throughout the region and non profits like Goodwill for many years, rebranded to reflect all they’ve been doing in the community recently.

Mission: Ignite is the new name that will encompass ongoing efforts to get technology into the hands of children and schools in need, as well as the lessons, training, and apprenticeships offered within their offices in Larkin the Larkin Center of Commerce Building.

The digital divide in our region and our country are real. Children who do not have access to computers or the internet at home or in school are at an incredible disadvantage, one that cripples them as they enter high school and the job market. It reinforces a class system where opportunities are widely available to one group, and perpetually out of reach for another. Computers for Children, and now Mission: Ignite are working to decrease that digital divide by distributing thousands of computers every year, often supplied by corporate entities transitioning to new systems, and now training children and families on computer literacy, programming, robotics and more.

See more from Christine Carr, Executive Director on “Igniting Education”: