The Backstory
It’s not shocking to say that local businesses are on fire right now. New restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques…the dance scene is no different. Amongst the addition of fitness and dance studios, a major staple in the dance community and Buffalo in general, Verve Dance Studio, heads up the scene stronger than ever. The studio has been dedicated to the art of b-boying and hip hop culture since they opened their doors in 2005. Today, nothing stops them from carrying out their mission, introducing it to new people and nurturing the strong community they continue to build.

Through Hip Hop, B-boying, Djing, Mcing, and Graffiti, Verve Dance Studio teaches self expression, confidence and respect for diversity. The studio welcomes people from all walks of life for classes ranging from foundational hip hop for both kids and adults, to advanced workshops. Today, the studio resides at 255 Great Arrow in the Alt Theatre.

Verve has one of the longest standing dance events in the city (if not, the longest). Battle @ Buffalo. Since October 2006, the studio, community, guest dancers and more come together on the last Saturday of every month and throw it down. Dancers of all ages show their moves and have the chance to express themselves in a safe space. The event is rooted in providing a supportive environment for dancers to learn, share and support each other. This purpose has not wavered over 11 years.

Everyone is welcome to Battle @ Buffalo. Happening this Saturday, November 25 from 7pm – 11pm, it’s $5 to watch and $6 to battle. Nothing can get you hyped up like watching hip hop dancers lay it all on the dance floor. We asked a few Verve dancers what music gets them pumped for the battle and we promise, this playlist does not disappoint:

At Rise Collaborative and No Boundaries, we were drawn to Verve’s work in the community, their mission and their traditions. They hit the pavement daily, promoting the city, its talent and its potential. This was the reason behind our video for our women’s empowerment issue of No boundaries (check it out below). Not only does Verve promote the dance community as a whole, but women in hip-hop have a special spot here, breaking stigma over the male dominated industry of b-boying. The women of Verve are killing it and truly making a name for themselves.