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It’s finally time to party!

It’s been quite a while since No Boundaries Issue 1 on October 14. In that time, we’ve regrouped and met with some generous advisers to talk about how to improve. We’ve added a paid team of authors, expanded coverage and distribution to Niagara Falls, and included more quotes, statistics and studies to back up the claims made in the paper. By partnering with Matt Urban Center, we’re catering content around not just homelessness issues in the region, but also obstacles certain groups are facing, and those facing our entire region. We’re telling stories of accomplishment, and taking a deeper look at what’s preventing more accomplishments from happening. When we talk about Buffalo’s comeback, we must include disadvantaged and underserved populations and communities in that conversation. Let’s celebrate the success we see and clear the road of anything standing in the way of letting everyone succeed.

While reading, interact online using #NoBoundaries2. The paper will go digital in a couple of weeks. We want to give our sponsors some extra legs in print first. Additionally – our apologies on underestimating the review time on podcasts. “Extra by No Boundaries,” alluded to in the paper, will go live as soon as we get a thumbs up from Apple – likely Monday or Tuesday.

We hope you’ll love the paper, as well as the party on Friday night (4/21/17) from 5:30-8:30ish at Wrafterbuilt, 69 Elmwood near Allen. We’ve got some local beer selection as well as wine, and Al Wo of EKL Pro (the group that helped make the refugee hat sale a reality) spinning turntables upstairs so you can add dancing into your evening plans.

Get out here and meet the people in the community who are just like you, no matter their background. Let’s party!

Have you checked out local band Marigold yet on Spotify? They are taking us back to the early 2000’s in the best way possible. They’ve sent a few tracks our way to use in our video promos of the paper – some made us want to rock out, and others just made us feel incredible about this project – songs like this:

We didn’t forget the Top 10 Instagrams of the week, though!

Thanks for slapping #RiseBFLO on those shots. We’re almost at 30,000 submissions and that’s just BONKERS. Keep it up, and there will be prizes again soon.

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Sports, man.

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Cherry blossoms on a rainy day.

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