No Boundaries returns! Let’s party

We are so excited to bring you our latest round of powerful content from our community. Issue three has a women’s empowerment theme with eight of our 11 articles dedicated to women’s issues, obstacles, and successes, mixed in with the social and economic justice themes you’ve come to expect from No Boundaries.

We are clearing out all the furniture, bringing in a DJ, and setting up free beer and wine at Tipico Coffee (Jersey and Fargo, lower west side) on Thursday October 12th, 5:30PM – 8:30PM. The paper doesn’t hit the streets until 10.14, so this is a time to get early access. 

Come, grab a paper and a drink, meet our authors and sponsors, network and dance! While the beer and wine is free, tips will be going to a good cause. Our friend Syrie Roman is putting together a fundraiser for her home, Puerto Rico, and we’re inviting you to support it early:

“As a lot of people know, I was raised in Puerto Rico, my entire family lives there, and I go back a few times a year. Chef Victor Parra was born and raised in Mexico and has a lot of family still there. As soon as the earthquake in Mexico happened and the hurricane hit PR we knew we needed to do something to help. Christa Seychew offered us help putting together a fundraise. Victor is partnering with a Chefs network in Mexico as his donation recipient and I’m partnering with World Central Kitchen and Chef Jose Andres as my recipient. The event is the first week of November at Artisan Kitchens and Bath. We have about 12 participating restaurants, Ballyhoo & Lucky Day will be donating the profits from the cash bar. And there will be a silent auction. Details are still being finalized but if anyone is interested in donating, they can personally email me at”

Before we get into the top Instagrams of the week we’ve got to tell you about Halloween! The 90s are back! bigger and better than ever

Full details and tickets available here.

Here are our favorite #risebflo Instagrams of the week

Happy space. #risebflo

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Happy space. #risebflo

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Neon in waiting. The view from here.

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