Written by Kevin Heffernan
Images courtesy Normal Bicycles

This bike is dope.

Have you heard of Normal Bicycles yet? They’ve been manufacturing their wood-framed bikes out of The Foundry on Northampton for a couple years now.

WOOD-FRAMED?! Pretty wild, right? We sit on wood, stack way too much weight on our wooden shelves, and oh just build our houses with it, so why not trust it to support your body while you roll around town?

Husband and wife Chris and Jessica Kudla have taken their bikes on national tours, and put them through the toughest stress, drop and crash tests out there, and they hold up better than metal framed bikes more often than not. Using wood, the bikes certainly stand out from all other bikes out there. For this particular promotion to support The Foundry, they’ll be using walnut. Badass, man.

The bikes aren’t cheap, especially because they’re handmade by Chris and Jessica using the best materials and top of the line brakes, gears etc, and not running down an automated assembly line. If they’re normally our of your price range, then this is the perfect opportunity to enter to win one!

Here’s more details on how you can support The Foundry, and maybe win a bike for doing so.

– – –

We are grateful to be a part of the community at The Foundry and to have access to the makers space resources (wood shop, metal shop, tech lab, etc.) and incubator services support our business.

Every May, The Foundry holds the Bid to Build fundraising event to support hands-on educational and entrepreneurship programs. This year, we are pleased to donate a special edition Urban Scout that will be raffled off in support of this event.  Raffle tickets are available for $20 each (see below for how to purchase).    

Bike raffle tickets can be purchased at The Foundry.

  • In person during Walk In Wednesday (5-7pm)
  • Call 716-885-1381 (12pm – 5pm M-F)
  • Email info@thefoundrybuffalo.org

Or at the following events (where we will have a table):

WNY Mountain Bike Association Swap – April 14 – Flying Bison Brewing (840 Seneca St.) – Tickets available for cash only at this event

Bid to Build – May 16 – The Foundry (298 Northampton St) – Get your Bid to Build event tickets here.

GoBike Buffalo SkyRide – May 19 – Register for SkyRide here.

Normal Bicycles Launch & Draw Party – May 31 – Flying Bison Brewing (840 Seneca St.)

More events will be posted as they are scheduled.

Fine Details

  1. Local pickup only in Buffalo, New York.
  2. Single speed chain drive configuration included.  Upgrades and options available for purchase.
  3. Standard Urban Scout sizes available (small, medium, large).
  4. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Normal Bicycles launch party at Flying Bison on May 31, 2019 at 8 pm ET.