Welcome back to another episode of our radio show with United Way of Buffalo and Erie County.

In preparation for Labor Day, we spoke with Holly Hutchinson – Project Director, American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI). There’s been talk nationally about high unemployment yet millions of vacant jobs going unfilled due to an untrained workforce.

Where do both of these issues meet in the middle? Apprenticeships. More and more businesses in the region are getting on board with the local chapter of AAI, part of the United Way, and there remain challenges in getting the word out about the resources that are available. AAI and the companies involved will go so far as to purchase the steel-toed boots and other items necessary to begin work. Apprenticeships are paid and when completed, there is work almost guaranteed.

These episodes are short. Two 12-minute segments. Give a listen and see how workforce development in the region is changing. There’s opportunity out there, all one needs to do is a little research.

To learn more about AAI – Click here.

To hear about the work it’s doing from its director, click below. Let’s get to work.