Thursday may have been National Beer Day but Fridays are for HAPPY HOUR and FEATURES and what better to beer to couple with a great blog than one brewed and served right in the west side at Resurgence?! In our opinion, Resurgence Brewing Company broke the mold and set the tone for what a brewery and taproom could be – FUN. They took a chance on a forgotten stretch of Niagara Street and made sure you were immersed in how great it turned out while enjoying a drink in their beer garden. We’ve even been to a few parties where people have brought their kids. I mean that in a good way. It’s saying, “Just because you had a kid, your life isn’t over. Bring them down and you can still have a beer with your friends on a Saturday.” Young parents, rejoice! And #experiencegreatbeer.

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“Our music taste is as diverse and eclectic as we are. We listen to everything and anything in our taproom while we’re working, and we like to think we have a little something for everyone on our speakers, just like on our tap list. Some bartenders prefer to play oldies, while others are partial to 90’s hip-hop. Our bartenders are Indie-Alternative fans, and our owner is an Imagine Dragons radio fan. Whoever gets to the music iPad first wins the day, so every day is different in our ears.”


“We’re dedicated to the resurgence of the craft beer movement in Buffalo, a place where beer was once not only the way to unwind after a long day, but a significant economic driver for the city. We at Resurgence believe it can be that again, which was one of the inspirations for starting the West Side taproom and brewery: To help make Buffalo the great brewing city it should be.”

“Our owner and founder Jeff Ware started Resurgence on the West Side of Buffalo to help drive that part of the city forward. Located next to Rich Products on Niagara Street, Ware saw potential for that corridor as more than a channel from North Buffalo to Canada, but a potentially vibrant neighborhood, full of both industry and gathering space. He took his inspiration for the reclaimed warehouse taproom and German biergarten from beer gardens he enjoyed while living in New York City, coupled with the uniquely Buffalonian love for gathering over a few pints and making new friends while we’re at it. The taproom is as open and friendly as we hope its visitors are when they join us for a few beers from our extensive list of unique, true-to-style brews.”


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“Ware and brewers Dave Collins and Erik Greiner have worked hard to ensure RBC beer is of the highest quality and cleanest flavors, while making sure there is a little something for every taste on the taproom menu board. With at least 12 styles on tap at any given time, as well as cider, house-made sangria, local wine, mead, kombucha and soft drinks, no one leaves RBC’s taproom thirsty.”

“Buffalo-born and raised, Ware and his wife moved back to Buffalo to immerse themselves in the burgeoning craft beer culture, as well as contribute to the growing economy that surrounds it. The RBC crew is committed to the “rising tide” that is Western New York brewing today, believing that where one brewery is great for the local economy, a convivial brewing culture can only help everyone succeed. And that spirit of collaboration shows through everyone the brewery hires too; staff can usually be found hanging around after the work is done talking beer and Buffalo with other brewers, visitors and friends alike.”

“That’s what RBC’s mission is all about: Sharing the experience of good beer with good friends, whether that’s in the taproom, at home or at your favorite watering hole. Wherever RBC is found, you can be sure to find a good time too, or that’s what the beer-makers on the West Side have strived for, and hope to keep working toward for many years to come.”

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“Some of its flagship beers have now become standards, including the West Coast-style Resurgence IPA, now available in cans at local grocery stores and beer merchants, and the Sponge Candy Stout, made with real Watson’s sponge candy. Other popular styles include the Blood Orange Saison, which started as a seasonal and is now available year-round in cans, as well. The specialty Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin Ale kicks off the fall beer season with flavors of coffee, vanilla and spiced pumpkin pie, and the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sponge Candy Stout sees beer-lovers lining up out the door each year it’s released in November. Resurgence is also on the forefront of national beer trends with its Citra Mosaic IPA in the wildly popular Vermont IPA style, its new Gose just released last week and “Sour is Love,” a collaboration sour cider brewed with Brett yeast.”




Resurgence Brewing Company is now canning its Resurgence IPA and Blood Orange Saison, both of which are available at local grocery stores and beer retailers. In addition to almost weekly parties and events available on social media and the website calendar, there are a few big ones coming up that visitors won’t want to miss.

Resurgence Events

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