Support Refugees in Style

In 2016, we teamed up with East Aurora-based Equality Knowledge and Light to offer winter hats with RISE BFLO printed on them. With a purchase, the buyer would automatically donate another to a refugee in need. Buffalo shined in that moment. 225 hats were sold and another 225 were donated to the clients of the International Institute. 

Rise and EKL have brought it back this year with a new partner in donation, Jericho Road. The refugees in our city have escaped hell with their families to come here and start new lives. When you’ve arrived with little more than the clothing on your back, a winter hat is the first item you need to get through the next few months in our city. We’ve added in the sweatshirts and jackets with bold statements about solidarity and integration because we know that not only are refugees and immigrants having a positive economic impact on our city, but we’re stronger culturally as well. These are people entrepreneurs with families and incredible stories and views of the world, on top of the food and language diversity they’ve inserted into our neighborhoods.

One of the greatest outcomes of last year was when customers were spotting parents and children wearing the same RISE BFLO hat they were wearing. Nods and waves led to introductions and conversations. There’s solidarity in wearing the same apparel with the same message. Barriers are being broken down, and fear is being erased. 

Join this movement to say not only are refugees and immigrants welcome in our city, state and country, but that they belong here. 


This sale runs online only, and ends on November 29. This way, we can order everything at once and get them delivered to you by mid December. There’s 6 options for you to choose from in buying for yourself, and giving to refugees in need. Check them out, as well as material and sizing details in each link below:

**Please note: We use Paypal to process all payments. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. After clicking “Proceed to PayPal” when reviewing your order, you’ll be given an option to “Pay with Credit/Debit Card.” Thanks!

Buy an “All Equal” Jacket, Give an “All Equal” Jacket $80
Buy an “All Equal” Jacket, Give a “You Belong” Sweatshirt. $64
Buy an “All Equal” Jacket, Give a “Rise BFLO” Winter Hat. $49
Buy a “You Belong” Sweatshirt, Give a “You Belong” Sweatshirt. $48
Buy a “You Belong” Sweatshirt, Give a “Rise BFLO” Winter Hat. $34
Buy a “Rise BFLO” Winter Hat, Give a “Rise BFLO” Winter Hat $21