Lead image: Simon Matzinger

First, just watch this crazy video.

If Look Back in Anger had a happy ending, this is the scene it would end in – An English pub with all your friends, neighbors, and favorite barkeeps for a pint or 10. Released in 1979, artists were still figuring out what music videos were supposed to do, which explains the “What do we do while on camera?” vibe of it all. It’s nice. It’s warm,


The jury is still deliberating.

While trying to put together a Top and Bottom pics from the Rise Team blog post, the whole thing went sideways when #LIFTEDpodcast producer and host Holly put her homeland of England’s Christmas anthem into the mix beforeĀ Rise Sports producer Matt who listed it as his least favorite ever.

Wild accusations of correlations to Dominic the Donkey and “Americansplaining British Artists” ensued until Rise Creative Director Drew Brown distracted everyone with his favorite heavy metal Christmas album:

Listen, we all know what happened to Buffalo during the War of 1812, so why don’t we put out these fires and all agree that the B-side to this very record is not just weird, but also not reggae!

According to Forbes, McCartney is whistling the harmony to “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” all the way to the bank:

“‘The song is what we in the industry call an evergreen, because it gets played all the time,’ explains entertainment attorney Bernie Resnick. ‘[McCartney’s] publishing royalty check every fourth quarter probably has a lot of zeros on the end.’ Another industry source puts the number in the $400,000-$600,000 range annually. By way of a back-of-the-envelope calculation, that means McCartney has seen about $15 million from the song since its release.”

Merry Christmas, Paul. And to all of you.