“No boundaries. For a real renaissance.”

Print is not dead! Especially when you want to get a message out to a widespread, diverse audience.


No Boundaries is a special edition newspaper that will deliver stories from the typically underreported areas of Buffalo. Community advocates from all over the city will be contributing articles, photography and poetry about the neighborhoods they call home. Its mission is to introduce a new way of thinking about neglected areas of the city once thought too dangerous, too broken, or too different to try to understand. By putting faces to those neighborhoods, showing progress and encouraging collaboration, No Boundaries can contribute to a true Buffalo renaissance that is felt by all of its citizens. Rise Collaborative, a lifestyle brand that promotes locally owned businesses, artists and nonprofits, is proud to partner with Open Buffalo, a community movement for social and economic justice in our city.


Please support the mission of this newspaper. The first issue of No Boundaries will print at least 7,000 copies to be distributed throughout the city and its outlying suburbs. The paper will be promoted before its release with short video interviews of each contributor to preview their story. Advertising dollars will cover the cost of printing and distribution, and all remaining dollars raised will be donated directly to the Open Buffalo Emerging Leaders program. Two weeks after the release of the paper version, we will announce the re-release of all articles, some in extended formats, individually online. As an added value for your sponsorship, you will receive a banner ad in these artcles on Risecollaborative.com. See the spec sheet below for available sponsorship opportunities. Instead of seeking large corporate sponsors, we want to make this a newspaper that represents the community at the core of Rise Collaborative’s mission Рsmall businesses that would like to place a promotional ad, or individuals who are interested in underwriting the cost of an ad and donatng the space to a local nonprofit they are involved with.

Review our advertising spec sheet here. 

For more information, or to purchase an advertisement, please contact our team at hey@risecollaborative.com.