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We’re back with the founders of Two Guys Good Buys(Etsy), Tyler Annalora & Frank Fina. After setting up in local flea markets in Buffalo, they were motivated to take the show on the road. We check in every couple months for a few stories, random thoughts, and incredible photos from their adventures. Cheers to the road!


Skull Hollow campgroung - Oregon

Oregon revisited; living and moving through the high desert. Where hitchhiking is prohibited in the prison area.

Utah Highway

For three days now. Three days in a row, we hear the rambling of an old American pickup truck screaming down the road. Howling like the dog hanging out of the passenger window. Can’t tell where it’s going, maybe to valley or mountain peak. This is a precarious place, we’ll see if we catch em’ again tomorrow.

Marv Levy era jacket

Oregon - Painted Hills State Park



Driving to Utah - Interstate 50
Utah is living with nature, but on its own terms. It is a demanding landscape rittled with cliffs, canyons, and folded rock. A rock wilderness, some would call it. Its mighty, stoic, red rock, long, and linear reaching as far as the ordinary eye can see.
Smith Rock - Oregon

Smith Rock State Park - Oregon
It’s All sun & no rain. A very hot, & desert. place this is. And so its inhabitants have adapted & remain as diverse as plants, animals, reptiles, and insects can. All of them intermingling in the convoluted structures; a window in time that won’t last, like the whisper of wind, trees & birds that will too disappear in the evening.

-Tyler Annalora

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