For years, Buffalo residents have wondered why Spectrum, with it’s 1999 internet speed and terrible customer service, was their only choice for internet. Was someone bribed to keep Verizon FiOS out of the city? Was it a plan from Spectrum to keep you from canceling cable since the service was too slow to stream TV and movies?

Not only were residents fed up, but so were businesses. The city and county lay out every tax break imaginable for businesses and still don’t see much growth in that sector. In the age of information technology, speed is the name of the game, and Buffalo did not have it. Spectrum was literally holding our region back by making it a no-brainer for 21st century businesses considering moving here.

We all shrugged and said, “That’s Buffalo for ya” while our monthly Spectrum bill mysteriously went up another $10/month without notice.

We are firm believers in fixing things ourselves, but we are happy to take an assist from the outside, with Rochester fiber internet company greenlight. Owner Tom Golisano saved the Sabres in the 2000’s, and now he’s fixing the city’s internet speed. I’m no fan of billionaires, but Tom might deserve a medal after what we’ve all been through. Offering a base of 500MBs/second, greenlight is going to blow Spectrum out of the water when it arrives.

Here’s more from Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle about the planned expansion to Buffalo and greenlight’s plans to reach 2GB/second shortly after arrival.