Prohibition was kinda nuts, right?

In 1920, alcohol was blamed, rightfully or wrongfully so, for nearly every problem in American society. Somehow – was no one paying attention? – its sale and consumption were banned at the federal level. We all know what happened next, cue the rise of organized crime, Al Capone, violence, death, corruption and everyone in Buffalo and Rochester claiming to know someone in their family who steered boats across the Niagara River or Lake Ontario at night to bring some whiskey into their cities from good old Canada.

Prohibition was in full effect from 1920 – 1933, yet when we think about the “Roaring 20’s,” it’s a Gatsby-style, booze-fueled party for the record books. 100 years later, we’re talking about federal legalization of marijuana and city by city is decriminalizing magic mushrooms! How far we’ve come.

“Bathtub gin, jazz tunes, cinematic delights and more await… IF you can find the entrance and password.”

On Friday Jan 24, party like it’s 1920 (minus all the bad stuff) at Jackrabbit Club in Village Gate. The style is well-known by now, but needing a password to get in through a secret door is the real deal, bee’s knees. The unstoppable crew from Rochester Cocktail Revival is back at it, with authentic drinks (three included with your $45 ticket) and food, live music coordinated with movies, all from the era. It’s more than just a Gatsby dress code, it’s a time machine.

“The soiree will feature multiple bars and specialty cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, live jazz set to vintage films from Empire Film and Media EnsembleHype Booth‘s brand new 360 photo booth, late night dancing with DJ Chreath, and a special performance. Three cocktails are included with each ticket. Sponsored by Campari America.”

21+. TIX.

Cheers to not having to sneak into bars anymore, but let’s pretend anyways.