Nearly 1,000 rugby players from 10 different states and Canada will be heading to Western New York this weekend for the area’s largest rugby tournament ever – Battle at the Border. South Buffalo Rugby Club is putting on this major battle at Old Fort Niagara on Saturday, April 7. Players of all ages and genders will take the field for more than 170 rapid paced games. That’s not a typo… one hundred. and seventy. plus games.

You may be thinking, ok – another sporting event in Buffalo. BUT let’s look at the bigger picture. Over the next two years, U.S.A. Rugby projects a 25% increase in the already 120,000 registered players nationally. Buffalo is home to the most registered rugby players per capita in the country – youth, high school, college, club teams. So, not only is the tournament bringing people in from all over the east coast + Canada, it’s putting Buffalo on the map as one of the fastest growing rugby hubs in the country. And let’s not forget, it’s getting the city some (positive) recognition for a sport. Cue the clapping hand emojis.

You’re invited to check out the action this Saturday. Games kick off at 9am at Old Fort Niagara and go all day until champions are announced at 5pm. Take it a step further and check out South Buffalo Rugby Club. They’re the only inclusive club in the area and we dig that. Young, old, male, female – you’re welcome to play.