Science Man Rules

You may remember Science Man, or John Toohill, from our spring edition of No Boundaries.

It just started falling into place naturally. I didn’t exactly dream up the whole thing then start executing the ideas. I was on tour, and started toying around in the back of the van during long drives with a drum machine. I just started building song ideas up on my laptop’s recording software. The music for the Science Man demo and part of the LP was recorded in an actual moving vehicle. I’d track vocals in people’s basements, attics, or living rooms before or after shows. I’d mix it whenever we had down time.

“At first, I assumed it would be a project I’d eventually enlist real, live, breathing musicians to play on with me. But I didn’t do that – I liked how it sounded as is.”

He recently headed south, really far south, to Sao Paulo Brazil and pushed the creativity button hard. We love sharing his work because in our town, an Ariana Grande show can sell out in seconds, but something off the wall crazy that can actually make you feel something different for once, often isn’t often widely covered. So check out “Brazilian Napkins” below, and Science Man’s upcoming tour, too. Go forth and EXPERIENCE. Love it or hate it, you finally did something different.