You know what time it is

Time to say to yourself, “Maaaan why can’t every week be a four day work week?” It should be. You’d have more time to explore the city, take photos, shop, eat and drink local, and finish that book that’s been on your bedside for months! Until we enact such an awesome work-life balance, keep grinding and don’t forget to let loose every once in a while.

We’ve got JUST the time and place to do so – at Billy Club’s Give Cancer the Bird! Party on Thursday September 22 from 8P to 12A! A portion of your drink sale will be donated to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Wild Turkey is sponsoring, so what does that mean for you? Signature craft cocktails will be marked down to $8! Let’s have us a party in the heart of Allentown at its newest bar. And if you can’t wait until then, swing by earlier and meet the team behind this modern day saloon with whiskey for days on the shelves: Jake, Dan, Scott and their whole team!

This is week two of Billy Club’s three week sponsorship which means there’s another winner of $25 to their restaurant. This week, check out @davidnielbada‘s photos. Always capturing the sun and silhouettes in some very cool ways. Thanks for tagging #RiseBFLO to enter. Email for details on picking up your gift card!

Nice Shot!

Thanks again, Billy Club! We can’t wait to party!

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There’s still time to be a part of #NoBoundaries

If you own a local business of any kind, we still have advertising space available for you! Our rates are low because we want to welcome local businesses of all sizes from the community to help us build this paper. Learn more here. If you’d like to back our mission, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Last chance for presale tickets to #90sRiseAgain Halloween Bash

After September 15, prices go up from $40 to $45 for four hours of open bar, buffet, a live rock show downstairs and a dance party upstairs. This is going to be Buffalo’s raddest 90s Halloween ever. Get your details and tickets right here.


Now, the rest of the best damn photography out there

Packed tours on the new Harbor Queen!

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Did some re-shoots for the book this morning, I never get tired of the detail on this building

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Shadows + Highlights

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Beauty and Power #nofilter #niagarafalls #waterfall #clouds #buffalony #risebflo

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☁️☁️☁️ #thingsbuf #cloudsbuf #reflectionsbuf

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Level 6 and rising. #PositivelyRefined

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