Title Image Mike Erskine

Redefining Social Work with Daemen College

We have partnered with Daemen College to upend traditional imagery of social work, especially when it comes to having only one career path within the field.

We interviewed two Daemen alumni, Katie Carr and Amy Trabert, about where their Master’s degrees in Social Work have taken them. Hear first about how they forged new paths to put their skills to work, and then individual stories from each about they applied their skillset to help directly and indirectly in our community. Learn more at anytime via Daemen.edu/MSW.

“They said, ‘Oh so you’re going to be sitting behind a desk listening to people’s problems all day?’
and I said, ‘No. Actually.'”

Bonus Interview with Katie Carr: “With his memory issues, he probably felt like he couldn’t do this anymore. And once I saw him start to play, his fingers just started going, and going, and going!”

Bonus Interview with Amy Trabert: “Not only have I been able to put together protocol for my own agency, but other domestic violence agencies, as well as the healthcare field, and working with other professionals such as law enforcement, too.”