Why is this news?

The only conversations I’ve had with people about anti-LGBTQ hate group-funding Chick-fil-A is why nearly every news organization in town thinks it’s such a big deal. Just when we think Buffalo has stopped this desperate search for national relevance including “If we just win a Super Bowl…” or “If we just got Bass Pro… the rest of the country would respect us then,” we go gaga over a place that serves fried bread stuck to frozen chicken as if it will lead to more tourist dollars and as if local business Jim’s Steakout wasn’t already scratching your itch for drunk/hangover food. Why, just check out our poll on Facebook where the audience is torn between “don’t care” and “couldn’t care less”

Chick-fil-a does not make Buffalo better, richer or more relevant, it doesn’t make you any healthier, and it doesn’t bring equality for all any closer to fruition.

Cheers to hoping it sees the same fate as Jimmy Johns in Elmwood Village did.