“Yeah but that 2016 party was so rad, man.”
We know. And we’re bringing it ALL back again.

Remember when they had to open the garage door for this guy?! (2017)

Open Bar.
Tappo Pizza.
Open Bar.
Two Floors. Two Parties.
Kurt & The Loders.
Silent Disco.
Cash Costume Prizes.
All the 90s music, costumes, decor and references you know and love and long for.
It’s all back again in its glory.

Tickets only $45 until September 1.
Purchase yours today.

2017’s 90s Rise Again with 950 people.

COSTUME PRIZES RETURN. Is this the chance the Sanderson Sisters have been waiting for? Or will Jim Carrey’s career knock them out?

2016’s OG bash. Jim Carrey’s Career.
2016 OG bash. Sanderson Sisters.

$500 – Best Group
$200 – Second Place Group

$300 – Best Individual
$100 – Second Place Individual

Speaking of 2016, we sold out that year before the event. So get yours pronto. Presale at $45 until September 15.