There’s still Easter magic on Broadway and Fillmore

We swung through the Broadway Market yesterday to chat with Pearl at We Are Nuts (When you call her on the phone, the answer is “Hello, We Are Nuts!” which is fun on its own), and Margie at Famous Horseradish, and check out the whole scene. Nearly every vendor at Broadway Market right now is a year-round tenant. As you may have guessed, they’re struggling. But they’re still open. Every person who passed by was greeted by a “Hey! Thank you so much for coming in” from Pearl.

If you’re celebrating Passover, or Easter, or something Dyngus related with those you’ve quarantined with, and want to get something special from Broadway Market to keep your traditions alive, you still can. The City of Buffalo has sent staff over to the Market to assist these vendors with curbside pickup. If you’ve been a regular over the years, you probably know just what you want! So you can call (preferably a day in advance), pay over the phone, and arrange a time for pickup.

If you don’t know the name of what’s what at Chrusciki, or need to see the delicious toppings added to the roasted nuts from We Are Nuts, or every different horseradish that Famous Horseradish has, the Market is still open for you to make your selections on the spot. Just grab a mask, bandana, whatever you have available and stay 6 feet away from everyone. There’s a GIANT hand sanitizer at the front entrance, with a request that it be used before you go any further.

“We’re enforcing social distancing, with tape all around our booths, and breaks in the line. We doubled the space of our booth this year to offer KO’s Kettle Corn, too. In this current situation, that’s allowed us to spread out a little bit within the booth and more safely exchange goods and payment with the customers who come in, or stage curbside with the city,” said Pearl Omphalius of We Are Nuts. The small bags of almonds and cashews and pecans were clearly displayed along the perimeter of her booth. Her website also allows you to browse the selection in advance. Together with her son who is running the kettle corn aspect of things, they were cautiously optimistic about just getting by through the season.

A few booths away, Margie Ruszkiewicz of Famous Horseradish sold some produce to a man excited to shop with her. “Thanks! I was able to hop in here, grab all this, and get out so much faster than Tops/Wegmans,” he said before leaving. Now in their 33rd year in business, Famous Horseradish had the full array of their product out front, alongside fresh produce and of course, hyacinths from local florists. Everyone who walked in sparked a massive smile on Margie’s face.

“We know this weekend won’t be the same as other years, but we are here all year. While we hope people take advantage of curbside, or stop in and shop safely, we really hope that they’ll continue coming throughout the year when we’re on the other side of this moment.”

Nate Neuman, a Planner at the City of Buffalo, was on hand yesterday. The city set up a sort of command center near the entrance. City employees are helping every booth coordinate their curbside deliveries, even picking them up and taking them outside themselves. The city knows the importance of this space to the neighborhood, and to our community’s psyche. If curbside can buy each business owner a little more time through some additional income, it’s all worth it.

“Some of these businesses have an online presence, others just have their phones and displays to see in-person, so however we can help get them running on a few more cylinders, we’re here for it.”

Nate Neuman, Planner with the City of Buffalo, picks up a curbside order from We Are Nuts

If you’re feeling well, and comfortable with heading out, then support these businesses safely this weekend. If you’re without the means, or feeling weary, stay in, but remember these vendors throughout the year. They’re operating through summer and fall, and reinventing the magic of Easter right before Christmas might be an incredible movement to get started this year (and keep it going for years to come.)

Thanks for supporting small businesses wherever, whenever you can. They’re owned by our neighbors and their families. They need us and we need them. After this list of vendors, check out how Drew on our team pulled it off with ease!


  • CHRUSCIKI BAKERY (893-1464)
  • WHITE EAGLE (895-3949)
  • CAMELLIA MEATS (597-0281)
  • LUPAS MEATS (892-4809)
  • BROADWAY SEAFOOD (893-1050)
  • DEB’S DELIGHTS (652-8298)
  • WE R NUTS (248-1846)

If Drew could do it, you could do it.