Those recently meandering down Parkside may have noticed something “perking up” at Russell and Parkside. North Buffalo can soon add a cafe to its list of new hot spots – Jam is set to open this fall. The twist? The cafe will be a Benefit Corporation – aiming to operate in a way that gives back to the community.

Owners Amber Small and Monica Cichon, both long-time advocates for the Parkside neighborhood, brought in Co-Owner Jesse Crouse, owner of Tipico Coffee on Fargo and Jersey, to help craft the perfect space. “Just like when making jam, we want to make something for the long term, we want our commitment, our passion and our product to be the backbone of a relationship with the Parkside community,” said Crouse. “Over time, what we put into the pot will boil down, become sweeter, and last us a lifetime.”

Jam is focused on fresh made food and beverages, featuring a coffee menu crafted from locally roasted Plume Coffee and a drink menu filled with house-made milk shakes, sodas and other beverages. The food menu ranges from baked-in-house pastries from Elm Street Bakery to heartier pesto rice bowls and sous vide cooked eggs.

The team at Jam will be conducting a capital campaign and community offering over the coming months. More details to come on how you can get involved.

Follow along with the development here:
Insta: jam_parkside
Twitter: jam_parkside