We’re starting a blog and video series that interviews Open Buffalo, the Partnership for the Public Good, and the Honorable Crystal Peoples Stokes (NY Assembly), to explore what’s currently happening in marijuana enforcement in Buffalo, what’s yet to come in legalization for New York State, and how that pending legalization will play out – whether or not it will be equitable for the community at large, or benefit only the millionaires already in power.

In regards to LLEP (Lowest Level Enforcement Priority) we spoke to Open Buffalo’s Lead Organizer, India Walton:


Here’s the petition:

“New York state decriminalized possessing small amounts of marijuana 40 years ago (41 actually, in 1977), but a disproportionate number of black people continue to be arrested in Buffalo every year. The unequal enforcement is a result of the ‘War on drugs.’

“Exposure to the criminal justice system has severe impacts on employment, mental health, family stability and financial security. Mayor Byron Brown has the ability to make marijuana the LLEP for the Buffalo Police Department. This means that instead of arresting black and brown folks for marijuana, police will be able to focus on building positive, trusting relationships with communities of color, making us all safer.”

Find, Sign and Share the petition here: