Written by Drew Brown

Every Time I Die brings the world to Buffalo

Just over 48 hours after ‘Tid the Season 2, Every Time I Die’s 15th annual Christmas show, my ears are still ringing. The 12-hour event, slamming together the worlds of wrestling, punk, hardcore, and whatever the hell genre you’d put the surprisingly awesome Turnstile in, blew the fucking roof off of Buffalo RiverWorks once again. But it’s what I’ve known after years of attending these ETID Christmas shows that rings even truer in a venue of this size – this band brings out the best in Buffalo.


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All together now. December 15 is officially @everytimeidie Day in Buffalo. #TidtheSeason #RiseBFLO

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Selling out this year’s event back in the heat of the summer, 3,500 Buffalonians and out-of-towners gathered on a brisk Saturday in December to revel in what ETID has been able to assemble after 20 years together. Based on little factoids that were spouted off throughout the day, ETIDiots from far and wide came to see the day’s killer lineup. About half of the tickets sold were from Buffalo. But the remaining 50 percent hailed from nearly every state in the country, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Those are beastly figures.


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Tomorrow a “very limited amount” of people will find out why yet another printer hates me

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Being the consummate local boys, Every Time I Die have always held an unwavering love for their hometown. If that wasn’t apparent from the fact that most of the band members still live in the area and guitarist Jordan Buckley’s elaborate Buffalo-themed merch, the band also took it upon itself to post an absolutely massive list of recommendations for food, lodging, bars, attractions, and personal favorites to benefit traveling concert-goers. Furthermore, I can recall at least five times during their set that vocalist Keith Buckley expressed his love, admiration and respect for the night’s gathering and their city. And having seen ETID play in venues outside of the area, I can vouch that that love for this city isn’t just local pandering. These five guys are some of Buffalo’s greatest ambassadors.


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You were all there with me, you were all there with me. #TidTheSeason

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It’d be a stretch to call Every Time I Die’s music accessible. But somehow, the band has managed to shape and mold these annual Christmas shows into reunions for folks of all musical tastes. I’ve seen friends that wouldn’t normally be caught dead at a hardcore show at any other time of the year join the fray like seasoned pit veterans. And when Every Time I Die took the stage around 11pm, all of those people from the neighborhoods of Buffalo and cities around the world slammed, swayed and circle pitted together for 90 minutes and 24 songs of harmonious mayhem. It’s beautiful to watch. It’s Buffalo’s new rite of passage.

And after two decades of representing Buffalo around the world, local politicians have even taken notice of ETID. While mostly a ceremonial act, Delaware District Council Member Joel Feroleto, signed a proclamation to name December 15th as Every Time I Die Day in the City of Buffalo. The proclamation was presented to the band on stage during their set on Saturday – and you could tell that the bandmates were genuinely touched. It was a heartfelt moment in the midst of chaos, and it felt entirely fitting given the festivities. So now Buffalo has a new holiday worthy of a celebration of this size. And you’ll get to celebrate all over again next year, as ‘Tid the Season takes another evolutionary step into a two day festival (tickets already available).

See you in the pit.